Junge Frau auf Dach

A varied vegetarian
or vegan diet is healthy

The advantages of a plant-based diet are becoming mainstream knowledge. It is without question that it has beneficial effects on health and well-being.

Veggyness: the perfect
alternative to meat

Veggyness products contain relatively little fat
and loads of vegetable Protein.

Seitan: a centuries-old
"Wheat Meat"

Developed centuries ago by Buddhist monks, "Wheat Meat" - also known as Seitan - has been regarded as a part of a healthy lifestyle for a long time.

Meat: less and less

Many studies from the past years and decades suggest limiting the consumption of food of animal origin for health reasons. Eating red meats has been connected to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases; the consumption of milk has been linked to prostate cancer. Epidemics like the turn-of-the-millennium BSE scandal threaten animals and humans alike, as do the residues of toxins, antibiotics, and drugs so prevalent in the products of intensive livestock farming.