Quality ingredients

100% GMO free 

Veggyness products are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This is certified by an independent laboratory that monitors our ingredient supply. Those products in our range that are marked "organic" - the vast majority - are certified by Germany's strict organic standards. Among many other things, this means they do not contain any artificial flavours or additives.

Schale mit Weizenmehl und Wasser

Local and sustainable

We've always taken the sustainable choice over the cheap and simple one. The cultivation of our raw materials does not destroy rainforests, nor are human rights violated or long transport routes used. Our main ingredients come from mainland Europe: we purchase our wheat straight from Germany whenever possible; our sunflower oil is sourced from Italy, Hungary, and Romania.


After the harvest, the sunflower seeds used for our products are pressed into a high-quality oil, using only mechanical means. We use only sunflower variants high in fatty acids, so called "high oleic" variants. High oleic oils are especially well suited for frying and deep frying because they don't generate toxic Acrolein even when exposed to very high temperatures.

Rock salt,
not sea salt

We avoid using sea salt, and use exclusively rock salt. That's because the latter is much less susceptible to contamination than salt extracted from our increasingly polluted seas.